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Coral Springs Bee Removal

Hello!  My name is Patrick, and I specialize in the removal of honey bee hives from homes and other buildings.  I am based in Coral Springs, Florida, and service most of southeast FL, including Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

I operate a fully licensed and insured pest control business in the state of Florida.  I have the best bee removal equipment and training available, and I have the best insurance and licensing available as well.

I have a great advantage over the large pest control firms - first of all, I do better work than them, hands down.  If you hire a big bug company, you'll get an underpaid employee who doesn't really care of the job is done right.  If you hire me, I will arrive at your house, and do the job correctly and professionally, from start to finish.  I have 5 years of bee removal experience, and I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Give me a call!

Superior Bee Removal: We have trained for years specially on bee control and hive removal.  Our experience counts a great deal when it comes to properly understanding the species of bee, and the type of hive that you are dealing with.  My knowledge of architecture means that I am specially prepared to properly disassemble the area in order to remove the hive in its entirety, and fix the open area afterward.  Bees can live in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, soffits, under decks, and several other areas.  They can even live as a swarm outside of a building, and each different area requires a different approach in order to get the job done right.  I have been known to remove some hives as high as 60 feet off the ground!  Not every bee removal company can do that.  But more importantly, not every bee removal company is owner-operated, providing both the best level of service, and competitive rates, below that of the big companies and their unmotivated employees.  Give me a call at 954-756-7969, and we'll schedule an appointment.

Bee Control News Clip: Local beekeeper advocates saving the honey makers And with roughly 50,000 bees in each hive, a beekeeper like The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro raising five hives of his own employs hundreds of thousands of worker bees that travel as far as three miles out to collect nectar and pollinate along the way. But The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro is in good company in supporting the local bee population. Broward County has 73 commercial and hobbyist beekeepers and 125 members in the local beekeepers association. Most of those beekeepers are banned from selling honey they extract twice a year from their hives because of strict code standards enforced by the state. Because honey production is thrown into a category with the likes of orange juice and milk, local beekeepers wanting to sell their honey have to invest in costly honey houses with plumbing and sanitation to meet requirements of the codes. That high cost holds back the amateur beekeeper to simply raising the bees as pets – though locally made honey goes unquestioned and understood in area shops and neighborhoods. The bee community makes a constant effort to maintain the population of worker bees in the state, but Jackie Rose knows that population also comes with the occasional unannounced visit. Rose is one of hundreds that has had to call The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro to round up bees over the years. Last swarm season the grandmother of 10 called The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro to her home outside of Newberry when she spotted a troop of bees under a side of her home. “I know you have to have bees to pollinate, but you hear all about the killer bees and all that,” she said. “They’re not all bad, but I didn’t want my grandkids out there and those be the wrong bees to mess with.” A common fear, The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro says. But to him and to his bees it’s all about respect. It’s what got him into the bee business at the age of seven and what set him on a mission to keep bees from disappearing, especially from frightened residents exterminating swarms. “It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a passion,” he said. If you encounter a swarm of bees, The Coral Springs Bee Removal Pro suggests calling on him at 386-462-2637 for assistance in removing the swarm and saving the bees. The Florida Department of Agriculture, however, recommends swarm removal by contacting a certified pest control operator or the local agriculture extension office.